The Magic Of Monochromatic Photography In Black And White

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One of the aesthetic philosophies I love is "less is more". Minimalism in photography always excites me.

The unnecessary framework makes the central motif stand out, it is easier to read. Monochrome photography in black and white has been closer to me lately, as a means of creating a "pure" composition. If you are trying to capture emotions in your photos, black and white is for you. Monochrome helps to remove distractions and focus on the essence of the scene.

The Magic Of Monochromatic Photography In Black And White

The Magic Of Monochromatic Photography In Black And White

monochrome photo of white sheets in bright white light | Monochromatic Photography In Black And White


It is believed that male photographers resort to monochrome, black-and-white photography because they cannot cope with a wide variety of color shades in color photography. My dear half-photographer has a similar opinion. I do not intend to argue on this topic, let everyone draw their own conclusions.

If you're new to monochrome photography, it's a good idea to start with the basics - one main subject. By focusing on one subject, we will be able to communicate a message or feeling to the viewer. The less distracting elements within the frame, the greater the focus on the subject. Whether it is a figure, a tree, a thing, by isolating an object we create an "anchor" in the photograph.

monochrome photo of mysterious man wearing black jacket | Monochromatic Photography In Black And White

Increasing the contrast will also help separate the object from the background. It is good to start with a minimalist background that will not compete with the subject. The use of a negative space surrounding the object will also help the object to stand out. By reducing the "exposure compensation", using a vignette, we can set the "surround" of the whole object with a negative space.

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monochrome photo of chinese door alone in river | Monochromatic Photography In Black And White

Using the flash can shape an object from shadows. There is no need to use a strong external flash, an integrated Flash-In or a small additional flash will suffice. We need to experiment with the settings when we are satisfied.

monochrome photo of blonde girl blue eyes | Monochromatic Photography In Black And White


Try working with shadows. Interesting compositions can be created. A dark shadow can stand out from the background and draw attention to the object, allowing you to read the image, read the message.

monochrome photo of two brown horses running | Monochromatic Photography In Black And White

Shadow Rival

By using color filters in black and white photography, you can completely change the tonal situation in the composed frame. We will discover new aesthetic curves that otherwise escape us or disappear in the color of the image.

The magic of monochrome photography for me lies in the possibility of minimizing the scene, manipulating the tonal spectrum and changing reality, capturing details that would completely disappear in the presence of colors. Color photography was created thanks to technological progress. In recent years, it has been adorned to perfection. Graphic programs can produce "breathtaking images" that are also far from the reality of the scene being photographed.

monochrome photo of a man shadow reaching with his hand | Monochromatic Photography In Black And White

The color spectrum seen by the human eye is our view of the world. The image created by the human brain may vary in color from person to person. I don't think it's necessary to always use color to capture a scene creatively. Monochrome photography still has its irresistible charm ..

monochrome photo of new york city skylines and towers | Monochromatic Photography In Black And White


monochrome photo of a black man in black suit smiling | Monochromatic Photography In Black And White


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