8 Posing Photography Tips For Models And Photographers

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Standing in front of the camera for the first time, or in front of the camera in general, can trigger a queasy feeling. Especially when you don't know how to move in front of the camera. You can find some posing photography tips and suggestions in the following article.

The merging of model and location

Closeups (close to the subject) is always nice. "But" if you have a beautiful location, it would be a waste not to also stage it. If you want to incorporate the surroundings as a composition, leave a little more distance and position the model in this scene.

Tips for your photo poses

7 Posing Photography Tips For Models And Photographers

8 posing photography tips for models and photographers

8 posing tips for the shoot

If photographers are asked what they consider particularly difficult or costly in shootings, it is usually the posing. Advice and instructions can be found on the net. What makes a good picture (posing)? Is there a position that enhances every picture and gives it a special expression?

To find new incentives, a book tip for you: Perfect systematic posing by Roberto Valenzuela. Very nicely explained with many practical tips ! Roberto Valenzuela recommends not to learn a lot of posings by heart, but to deal with the human anatomy. The body tension that defines an elegant posture.

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1. Body tension for more expression

A very high level of attention should be paid to body tension. An elegant and beautiful pose is particularly effective when there is body tension. The choice of not making the model look artificial or stiff. That's a very fine line. With a little practice, this will gradually become part of your flesh and blood in your shootings.

2. Don't let wrinkles appear in the first place

Turn the upper body and shoulder pointing in the direction of the photographer more in that direction

This will release tension and reduce the wrinkles in the neck region

Or the photographer moves a little more to the side, also an option

Women with long hair can position it so that the neck is covered

3. More grace through flexion

Arms, legs and head look more bent when they are bent. It doesn't matter whether you are standing, sitting or lying down. Try the following time - practicing in front of the mirror has proven itself

Bend hands on hips and elbows slightly

Or put hands in (if available) trouser pockets (back or front)

Tilt your head a little sideways and slightly to one side

Tip your hips forward, focus on one leg

4. No more double chins

Have the photo taken above the eye line or from above. On the one hand, this makes the face a little narrower, but also the double chin is reduced

Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth

Stretch your head slightly forward

5. A lovely smile

There are days when you just don't feel good. There is no specific reason and then it happens, on that very day you have a photo shoot . What you can do to ensure that the pictures are still beautiful:

Think of nice moments, moments or funny situations

Close your eyes for a moment and open them again after about 5-10 seconds. Your eyes will appear fresher and more relaxed afterwards

Find your personal favorite smile. That takes a little practice. Try out which smile you feel most comfortable with

6. Conjure up a smaller nose

To make the nose appear smaller in a picture, face slightly away from the camera and not look directly into the camera

7. For serenity and expression

shortly before releasing, close your eyes shortly before

when opening your eyes shoulders down

Pull your shoulders back slightly so that the shoulder blades come closer together

breathe in easily

Erect your head as if someone were pulling your head up slightly, like on a ribbon

pay attention to the chin

Stretch your head slightly forward (double chin reduces double chin)

Position the model sideways. Frontal can work, but a sideways position is usually the better option

8. Don't be a copy - be yourself

Get inspiration, yes, but copy “no”! It is important to find your own style! There is always a standstill, these plateaus are completely normal - the feeling of not developing further - but with persistence, discipline and love for photography, you will develop yourself further .

First and foremost, you should like your pictures. This love for a picture, a certain situation, a certain expression can carry others away. I also keep looking for a specific expression in my pictures. It's a feeling that I let myself be guided by. I look through the pictures I have taken and when I see individual pictures I think to myself: Yes, that is the expression I was looking for!

Rules are great for orientation, but you are there and you decide if and when they should be broken!

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Or you can simply watch this video:

Those were our "8 Posing Photography Tips For Models And Photographers" for you. We hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to leave us your question down below in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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