9 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Try HDR Photography

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 Almost everyone has heard of HDR photography, but what exactly High Dynamic Range is is not always entirely clear. Today we don't just want to teach you dry HDR theory, we also want to show you why HDR is absolutely worth trying.

HDR makes the impossible possible. It reveals details, brightens shady areas and overcomes the limitations of conventional photography. If you at least have to deal with tricky lighting conditions from time to time, e.g. indoor shots, high-contrast landscapes, urban scenes, etc., test HDR! Just take a series of exposures and then merge them into one image using software like Aurora HDR.

HDR looks great. Sounds great. Feels great. And why should you try it too?

As promised, here are 9 good reasons to do so.

9 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Try HDR Photography

9 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Try HDR Photography

HDR is ... fun.

Take any photo or bracketing series and use HDR software to give these photos your personal look. It is incredibly fun to explore the many effects and creative possibilities of image composition until you achieve your perfect result. Like music, HDR photography is also something artistic, something that not only you, but also others enjoy. Take Trey Ratcliff as an example: he has been creating HDR photos for years, travels all over the world and loves to share his experiences with others.

HDR is ... easy.

Taking pictures can be very simple - just press the shutter button. And you can also create your HDR masterpiece with ease! Open a photo or a bracketing series in Aurora HDR and click through the presets to experience your picture in a wide variety of looks. The photo below was taken when Aurora HDR was still in beta. Dima Sytnik achieved his absolute dream result in just 11 minutes.

HDR is ... natural.

mountain river landscape hdr photo | HDR Photography

Do you remember when you took your photos? HDR can take you back to the very moment when your eyes, head and camera captured the scene. As if looking through a window into the past - it is the most realistic and natural representation of your memory. Just like your eyes saw it.

HDR is ... fascinating.

Only HDR photos can reproduce the full beauty of a sunrise or sunset. HDR gives you the artistic freedom to go one step further. HDR lets you rediscover photography. High dynamic range is an integral part of the future of photography.

HDR is ... atmospheric.

Change the mood in the picture with just one click thanks to presets. Try a cold city setting, a dreamy sunset, a colorful fantasy world, or a desaturated, melancholy atmosphere. Take a photo and create the right mood, whether it's a fun meeting with good friends or dark, creepy walls. The specialty of HDR is that you can give the same photo very different moods.

HDR is ... inspiring.

hdr photo purple bridge | HDR Photography

With every newly created HDR, you get better. No matter which look or style you choose now, the next idea is already waiting for you. Use your favorite preset or create a masterpiece from scratch to create the exact look you have in mind and want to share with the world. There are no limits to you!

HDR is ... breathtaking.

With HDR you can create images and scenes that take your breath away. With unbelievable colors and an unimagined wealth of detail, you can capture the greatest experiences of your life and the most beautiful moments with your friends forever.

HDR is ... exciting.

You also want to get to know the wild side of HDR? Go ahead! Experiment with the ghosting reduction tool, brushes & layers, customizable textures, and more. and you get results that you couldn't imagine before. Tip: add a texture for ghostly double exposures!

HDR is ... everlasting.

hdr photo vegetables falling in water | HDR Photography

An HDR image can show more colors, shapes and structures around emotions than would be possible in a normal photo. HDR gives photos that certain something, which is why you want to look at it over and over again. HDR makes the memory of the moment perfect. HDR makes your photography immortal.
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Those were our "9 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Try HDR Photography
" for you. We hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to leave us your question down below in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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